What is StealthSmash?


StealthSmash is a game where you play,"The best of the bottom of the barrel and the dimmest of the already pretty dim."

The SUPER SECRET SPY AGENCY has come up with a fix for their super secret agents dying far too soon problem. Distractions!
While a super secret agent is well versed in many forms of combat, sometimes they aren't as imaginative in the ways of distraction and misdirection and that's where you come in!

Run around the levels and smash as much things as you can, chaining items for larger score and instead of sneaking, getting seen by as many guards as possible for the maximum bonus score, all while taking as much time to complete the level as possible (with a max of 60 seconds per level).

In the level, each smashable object (light posts, barrels, outhouses) have pulsing rings that show how far the sound will travel. If an enemy is within the circle they will try to investigate!

What did I do?

  • Level Editor for Rapid Prototyping(XNA 4.0/C#)
  • Prototype Pathing (A*) and enemy behaviours (All programmed in XNA 4.0 and C#)
  • Implementation of Navigation Mesh via the CritterAI Library(C# implementation of Recast)
  • Importing Animated Models into XNA 4.0 Framework
  • All Enemy Behaviour in the final version
    • Noise Seeking if in Range
    • Chase if in line of sight (view cone)
    • Stop chasing if out distanced while within Darkness

Download StealthSmash ~39mb

!!Please note that you may have to install the XNA Redist (also packaged).
The first running of StealthSmash may take up to a minute to build the navmeshes!!

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