Sprite Importer

Sprite Import is a little script I wrote to auto set settings for sprites and spritesheets for a game I'm workign on in Unity. I found it tedious to have to set the same values over and over again for images and having to manually cut up sprite sheets all the time.
So this script will set the settings on import and if it has "Sheet_30x30_" at the start for example (30x30 can be whatever the width/height of a frame is) the sheet will automatically be cut up on import.
If you use this you may have to change some settings to fit your project. Currently it sets the pixels per uni to 32 and the filter mode to Point.

Download Sprite Importer

Center Export

This is just a small simple script I made when I started working on a new project and wanted to have a better overview of the things I was making.
But didn't want to have to manually set to 0 and adjust pivots for example.
So this maxscript will take all selected objects, center the pivot and move to zero, export to a folder in the folder your Max File is at called "Exports". If Exports does not exist already it will make it for you as well.
with the name of the selected object. Then it will return the object to the original position and reset the pivot to whatever it was at the start

Download CenterExport

For those that want to have a button on their UI, you'll have to go in Max, do

  1. MaxScript -> Open Script
  2. Find Center
  3. Tools - > Evaluate All (or Ctrl + E on windows)
  4. Close the window and go Customize -> Customize User Interface
  5. Toolbars -> Category -> TooL's Tools
  6. Make a new tool bar on the right side, then drag Center Export onto the tool bar and place that tool bar wherever you'd like.

Example of how to get a UI button

Coming Soon