This came at the suggestion of a pixel artist on Twitter, MortMort He asked me as "a Photoshop Extension Maker" if I could make some scripts for pixel art. I of course said sure why not...I almost regretted it. One of the things he and a lot of other pixelers asked for was a live preview panel like what can be seen in Pyxel Edit. They wanted to be able to work on their animation and see it live updated instead of having to stop and start their animation everytime.

For a while I thought this was impossible, but I found some hidden gem information and put it to use to create the very first version of Pixelmate. Pixelmate is the live preview panel, along with helpful scripts to speed up the tedious parts of pixel art creation
Pixelmate is still quite in development although it's in a decent state and available for purchase on Gumroad as well as you can still suggest features you'd like added either on the Polycount thread or on my Discord Channel.

Make sure to follow me on Twitter so you can stay up to date on when Pixelmate is updated
and also to let me know if you run into bugs/problems!

Known Bugs:

  1. Photoshop CC 2015.0.0 has been repeatedly reported to not work with extensions
    Newer versions of CC2015 have been reported to work fine. So make sure you are up to date.


Change Log:

June 4/2017
-Fixed bad scaling in GIF mode (now scales pixelated as it should have been)
-Fixed OnionSkinning not working as it did before (creating a new layer per new frame and working on that.)
-Scripts added into a Scripts button (hover over buttons to see what each one does :) )
-Onion Skinning settings created and moved into an overall settings tab
-Settings are now copied to appdata folder and filled in from there now
-Sheet To Anim script now splits your sheet into new layers as it creates the animation

April 11/2017
-Fixed issue where scripts wouldn't install correctly (due to folder named SCRIPTS instead of SCRIPT)
-Made video showing install and Pixelmate usage (scripts included)

Mar 25/2017
Apparently scaling wasn't working correctly in last versions?
Should be fixed now.

Mar 9/2017
-Got an installer/uninstaller script setup to install the folders/files for you (compliments of Davide Barranca!
-To use the installer, run PS in Admin mode and then go File->Scripts->Browse and browse to this folder and the Install.jsx file
-This will also write an uninstall script (again thanks to Davide) that you can run later to clean any files before a new version installation.

Mar 2/2017
-Fixed Sheet scaling for 2014/2015CC
-Adjusted Scripts to make sure that when they run they use Pixel Units 
(and revert back to whatever you had set before) mainly for rulers and such

Feb 28/2017
Minor Update:
Now able to scale images up in Sheet mode.

Feb 27/2017
Spritesheet previewing works again as it's supposed to. 
Gif works as well and they are now in two separate things (header that has gif or sheet for easy access)
Sheet mode now remembers your last used settings as well
Packaged extra scripts with the panel. They will have to be manually installed for now.

Feb 9/2017
Gif looping should now work for timeline as well (needs to be stress tested)
Should work "well" for timeline and frame by frame now (making sure it's looped always for either mode)

Feb 5/2017
Gif looping in and works
-Works best with frame by frame as Timeline based animation doesn't loop forever. There's no way I can change this as it's not editable in code..GG Adobe!