Normally Panel

Normally Panel is a culmination of requests from Malcolm who wanted to be able to quickly overlay his normal maps together. It started with Normally Blue 1 & 2 which were stand alone scripts but he also requested scripts for Normal Map rotation as well. I put all the Normal Map scripts together with easy to click buttons into this extension.
Normally Panel allows you to work on multiple layers and groups at the same time and will create only one history state per use.

Thanks to Ross Patel for helping me get the selected layers in Photoshop.

Normally Panel Version 1.3,PSD courtesy of Malcolm
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Known Bugs:

  1. Photoshop CC 2015.0.0 has been repeatedly reported to not work with some extensions and their scripts
    Newer versions of CC2015 have been reported to work fine. So make sure you are up to date.

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Normally Panel

Change Log:

July 17/2016
-Created a fallback in the case that my website goes down and the user still has internet connection
The checks now do ->see if online, if online check to see if it can load 1px image from my website. If they can, load online page, else load offline page
-Removed 90Inv Y buttons and put the scripts on the regular 90 rotate buttons as I was getting feedback from a few people that it made more sense and was
less confusing (90Inv Y were the buttons most people would be using but it was less intuitive since most expected the regular 90's to be the used ones)

July 14/2016
-Fixed bug in Invert script (no longer flips green AND red channels, just green)

July 3/2016
-Updated Icons
-Moved extension to gumroad (better analytics and such)
-CC versions have their main page hosted online. If offline it will use the packaged offline page so you can still use offline.

June 5/2016
CS6 version had 180 filp on the invert button. Fixed to actually be the invert button.
Fixed issue where if you scaled non universally (or moved a scaled univerisally) map, rotations would give you a strip of corruption

June 2/2016
Missed an important function in Normally Blue script so it wouldn't work on groups.

May 27/2016
Fixed bugs in CC version. Was unusual behaviour which has been fixed.

V 1.0
May 26/2016
Released into the wild.