Lazy Save

Featured in the August 2016 Polycount Recap!

Featured in the June 2016 Polycount Recap!

Lazy Save allows you to save your images out of Photoshop with less messing around and less clicks.
Set your folder once, set your image settings once and select a naming convention (if you want one).

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Thanks to Ross Patel for helping me get the selected layers in Photoshop.

Known Bugs:

  1. Photoshop CC 2015.0.0 has been repeatedly reported to not work with some extensions and their scripts
    Newer versions of CC2015 have been reported to work fine. So make sure you are up to date.

Before Lazy Save I relied on separate PSDs for every texture map or clunky actions that were unreliable at best.
With Lazy Save I can keep all my texture maps in one PSD making my workflow more fluid and optimized. As well as supporting channel packing so I can be more efficient with my final textures.
I cannot recommend Lazy Save more.
Be Lazy. Save."

-Jacob Thomas, Character Artist @BigAnt Studios



Nothing responds when I click on the buttons in Lazy Save 1.6(MAC)

This is likely to be caused by a problem with read/write settings on a specific folder.
If you're having this non responsive issue go to this folder
/Applications/Adobe Photoshop CC 2015.5/Presets/Scripts/
And give the read/write to Admin and Everyone (if it's not already)

Lazy Save

Change Log:

V 1.7.0
Both Donator and Free:
Decided to un-lazy myself and put the installer I use for Pixelmate in use for LazySave as well.

Donator Only:
Donators now have access to SuperPNG for channel packing. This makes it so you can have an actual alpha channel to pack into (regular png is just transparency)

V 1.6.6
Fixed bug where resizing wouldn't work with Channel Packing if selected.

V 1.6.5
Fixed bug in both versions where trying to save in selected group mode while NOT having a group selected resulted in folder stream being created 
instead of just the image being saved...

V 1.6.4
Redid where settings are saved so Lazy Save shouldn't required users to run in Admin mode
-I've had reports this affects drag and dropping files into PS in admin mode

If you're using UDP's in the default location (not setting it to a custom spot)
You'll have to manually set the custom location OR copy them from the Adobe/PSVersion/Presets/Scripts/LazySave/UDP folder to 
Win:  AppData/Roaming/LazySave/
Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/LazySave/

Donator Only:
Auto Detect TGA Bit Depth (Toggle) added in TGA settings.
-Works for auto Detecting Alpha Channels in all export Modes. Useful in channel packing so you don't have to change bit depth manually each time

CC Versions
Removed Mode changing from Settings Window and it is now available directly in the pane via the flyout menu (where you say close tab/ tab group etc.)
This was done to make mode switching easier and more intuitive with less downtime/clicks and traveling around the canvas
--See this tweet for visual explanation ->

All Versions:
-Added Stack Traces to alerts in crashes. If something crashes now it should tell you what the last place it was before it crashed so you can tell me easier.
-Channel Packing can now pack with naming conventions via putting your usual RGBV groups inside an Orange group that has the name you want your image to have (group wise)
--See this tweet for visual explanation ->
-Added alert when you don't have an open document and when you don't have a saved document (no longer doesn't do anything when hitting buttons on non saved doc)
-Added Open Image After Save (extra settings tab) which will open the saved image inside PS after a save

Bug Fixes:
-Fixed bug in Group Contents mode where Saving out layer names WITH relative paths wouldn't actually save and would silently fail.

V 1.6.2
October 14/2016
Fixed naming issues with various modes.

V 1.6.1
October 13/2016
Added Extra Settings Tab to settings/UDP.
-Extra settings allow users to set relative paths for their image saving.

Added What You See Is What You Get Mode (WYSIWYG)
-This will allow users to save out whatever is on their screen without having to make a group. But this means that you will get an image based on your PSD/Custom Name

Added Custom Pathing for UDP
-You can now set a path for where your UDP's will be stored (great for people using laptop/desktops or team settings)

Added Group Only toggle in Extra Settings
-This will make it so ONLY what is inside the selected group(s) gets saved out.

Added Text to Settings so you can see what your file path is without having to go to the folder (mainly because of relative paths possibility)

Fixed Resizing. Should now work in all modes correctly

V 1.6
October 10/2016
==Lazy Save Donated Version Changes==:
Fixed Group Visiblity after multi export.  (used to set all used groups to off for visibility after running. This is now fixed) (Lazy Save Donated Version ONLY)
User Defined Presets(UDP) are a go! (UDP Available in Lazy Save Donated Version ONLY)
-Want to quickly change your setup/folder/naming conventions with even less clicks? Now you can.
-With UDP you can define your settings for different things like what output folder to use with what image settings/naming conventions etc.

==Lazy Save All Versions==:
Settings are now retained across documents and photoshop sessions.
-Settings are JSON instead of PS's built in one which wasn't reliable and would not remember your settings all the time.
-Added Windows Batch script to install to the default PS location (instead of users having to manually do it)

August 28/2016
-Multi Image exporting is now available in the Donated version of Lazy Save. 
--You can select multiple groups and hit the image button and it will export each group :)

-Added toggle for group exporting to make it export from bottom to top or top to bottom. This will make it so you can have your files exported to your liking :)

August 15/2016
-Implemented Channel Packing! (Woo!). This is available by using the Layer Colors Red, Green, Blue and Violet(Alpha Channel Color)
--To access Layer Colors, right click a group and at the bottom it says Red, Green, Blue etc. 
RGB packing can be done in JPG/PNG and TGA
RGB Alpha packing can ONLY be done in TGA
--Packing Combinations Available:
  1. To Pack one texture and an Alpha -> Color the group you want to have full RGB -> Red.  Color your Alpha channel group ->Violet.
  2. To Pack R/G/B/A with individual textues -> Color whatever group you want with it's respective Red/Green/Blue/Violet (Alpha is optional) 
-Fix bug with Resizing. Works again.

July 31/2016
-Created a fallback in the case that my website goes down and the user still has internet connection
The checks now do ->see if online, if online check to see if it can load 1px image from my website. If they can, load online page, else load offline page
-Settings has gotten extra tabs added to organize new and incoming features easier
-Added Possibility to override File name when saving images out. Toggle on and fill in text box in settings.
-Added Group Layer Exporting for JPG/PNG and TGA image types (doesn't make sense to do it on Tiff afaik)
--Select your group(s) to export the layers from. This will NOT go into the child groups and will not export children from an also selected child group (selected parent and another group inside for example)
--This is to make sure things get exported correctly and without having to account for sub group naming and such.

July 3/2016
-Updated Icons thanksk to my friend @Mad on GameDevLeague
-Added Bug Report button
-Free versions have Support Me button 
-CC versions online use a hosted webpage as their presentation so I can change graphics and 
let users know of updates etc. easier
-CC versions have packaged offline version as well so no net means they can keep using Lazy Save

June 28/2016
-All available image options now have their options available to select for your saving needs in Settings.

June 6/2016
-Added toggle to Settings to turn on and off alerts on Save
-Changed big part of the scripts to make it so there is less copy pasting around them. This should make it easier to do patches/updates
quicker later
-Added Image Save settings to Readme

June 2/2016
Initial Release