Layer Cake

This was actually made at the request of Jessie Van Aelst, who wanted to be able to offset multiple layers in Photoshop at the same time instead of having to do it for each layer with Photoshop's built in Offset command.

This prompted me to try to make a script that would take selected layers and offset them all according to the same offset (as determined by the dialog)
Thanks to Ross Patel for helping me get the selected layers in Photoshop.

Grab some Layers and make it all offset like a piece of Cake!
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and also to let me know if you run into bugs/problems!

Known Bugs:

  1. Photoshop CC 2015.0.0 has been repeatedly reported to not work with Layer Cake (the script itself)
    Newer versions of CC2015 have been reported to work fine. So make sure you are up to date.



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Layer Cake

Change Log:

V 3.5.5
New buttons to more closely match PS styling as well as just not being giant
Added Support Me (in free versions) and Bug Report buttons to the new versions
CC versions now use an online HTML page so I can communicate new versions and graphical updates etc.
-Offline versions are also packaged so that users without net can still use the extension

V 3.5.4
Added version for CS5
V 3.5.3
Added the Pixel Unit forcing to all of the scripts. I noticed that if this wasn't the case, Spectacles works very incorrectly.

V 3.5.2
Units should always show up as pixels now. If you use LayerCake and ruler units are in anything else, it will put it in pixels and put it back to whatever 
it was after finishing.
Updated Installation Instructions

V 3.5.1
Fixed issue where having Locked Background layer would crash Icing and Spectacles. 

V 3.5
Fixed Bug where adjustment layer (of any type) being the top of the selected Layers would crash Layer Cake.

Changed how Icing gets called. No longer makes a history in your original document.
-Spectacles v1 added to Layer Cake collection.
--Spectacles lets you do Guassian blur AND Smart Sharpen on a 3x3 version of your texture. This lets you blur and sharpen easier.
When done, hit Done and it will snip the center piece and put it as a layer in your original document.
-Also added Zoom To Fit on Icing and Spectacles so you can see your whole texture as it loads up. 
(See Spectacles in action here )

-Added buttons to zero out X/Y
-Packaged the extension install file to provide options (cs6 users can install it currently while CC can't)
V 3.2
-Packaged all three scripts, Layer Cake, Layer Cake-Rebake and Icing all into one easy to use Extension.
-Icing is the newest script that will take your image, and put it in a document that is 2x the size and tile it so you 
can quickly and easily see how it looks! You can keep running Icing on the new documents to keep upsizing the tiles
 to really check those seams.It will also only make 1 document per size (have a 512x 512?It will make 1 1024x 1024 
 document. If you make changes and run Icingit again, it will redo the tiling in 1 1024 document so you don't get 
 document clutter :)

V 3.1
Feb 17 /2016
-Was requested to make it so users can essentially "ctrl F" the script to re run it with the same values. So I 
added Layer Cake ReBake. Run Layer Cake once to setup valuesand then you can just use Layer Cake ReBake from 
there on out. Note: If you want to be able to just have it auto half offset all your layers make sure to check 
the X/Y Half Document by Default in settings. 

V 3.0
Feb 17/2016
Previewing available pre offset. 
-This option comes with the ability to view your incoming offset with either a merged version of all your selected layers
 With the TOP most layer in your layer stack (closest to the top of your layer stack obviously :) )
Fixed problem where closing the window via the X wouldn't reset to previous history state.
Only known problem with previewing is with offset Types other than Wrap Around. 
The easy enough work around is just toggling preview on and off. V 2.5.1 ------------- Minor Bug Fix: Offset Half button wasn't working as intended. Should be fixed now. V 2.5 -------- Feb 13/2016 Button to set offset to half doc Dimensions (main window) Settings can be now be persistent. Each run of the script can remember the settings you had last (settings window) Options to set half doc dimensions as auto offset (settings window) Bundled Action that you can drop into Photoshop to then just hit Ctrl + F2 to run Layer Cake (if you don't know how to setup custom hotkeys) V 2.0 ------ Feb 9/2016 All Selected layers INCLUDING groups will be offset accordingly. You can now select just group headers to offset all the Visible group contents V 1.0 ----- Feb 8/2016: All selected layers (minus group headers) will be offset according to the specified x/y values.