Monsters Of Fitness Json Creator

This is a tool I made when I started using JSON in my Monsters of Fitness project.
I found that I was spending a lot of time trying to author it by hand each time so I whipped up a tool in WPF C# to do the grunt
work for me.

Creation and Editing

JCreator allows me to fill in the blanks and it gives me a JSON file that I can then upload on GameSparks where I
use the cloud to determine what monster rolls what loot (controller procedural loot).

Saving and look at JSON Outputs

One of the things I like about it is that the Monsters loot table contain the name of the item insetad of all
the non sense about the item. This allows me to decouple and also make Monster inventory more readable.
This also allows me in my backend to access loot basically by Name in the array such as var loot = LootTable["Leather Head"];

Since I wanted my JSON to be a certain way for use in the server I save out 2 JSON files, one for the tool and one for the server
There isn't a huge difference in JSON but it makes a huge difference when using it
See a version of the JSON Creator on Github!