Travis Evashkevich

Travis Evashkevich

Technical Artist

Date of birth:March 29, 1989
Address:Brighton, United Kingdom
Tech Artist that loves to make scripts and tools to speed up workflows when not creating games.
I created Layer Cake, the Photoshop extension to help speed up tiling texture creation.
Normally Panel for Normal Map blending and rotations in Photoshop without the need to rebake
Lazy Save for quickly saving out by groups from a PSD with various naming conventions built in.


Dec 2017 - Present

Technical Artist

Electric Square

Working as a Techincal Artist for Electric Square

May 2017 - Dec 2017

Assistant Technical Director (ATD)

Double Negative

  • ATDs are tasked with monitoring disk usage, managing throughput on the render farm and building and maintaining elements of the show pipeline.
  • General day to day is making scripts to speed up and automate as much as possible for artists so they can focus more on lighting/set dressing; optimizing scripts where needed to decrease time spent waiting for builds/script run time.
  • Jan 2017 - May 2107

    Tech Runner

    Double Negative

  • Workstation Support: directly supporting all employees in the facility, carrying-out workstation moves between rooms, floors and sites smoothly and efficiently.
  • Peripherals: Managing and fulfilling requests for peripherals such as monitors, keyboards, tablets and other workstation equipment. Storing, sourcing and delivering equipment to and from employees.
  • Render Wrangling: Supporting the designers as they feed their work through the distributed rendering system.
  • Image Quality Control: Monitor calibrations, projector calibrations, maintaining viewing environments etc.
  • Misc: Assisting the Technology Department with their day-to-day tasks.
  • June 2015 - Present

    Working on side projects

    I've been working on side projects such as a fitness based game using Fitbit fitness trackers TigSource Dev Log.
    Also have released Unity Fitbit which will allow developers to get up and running with Unity and OAuth2 handshakes for Fitbit development!
    Layer Cake a set of Photoshop scripts to help speed up tiling texture creation.
    Normally Panel a quicker way to do common Normal Map operations like rotations, inverting your maps and overlay options.
    Lazy Save the quicker way to save images out of Photoshop. Set your image settings once, set your folder once. Save as many times as you want!
    New features that are team/studio oriented as well!

    Sept. 2014 - July 2015

    Community Manager
    International Recruiter

    Howest - Digital Arts and Entertainment

    I helped to represent student interests and organize events for the student community. One of my main focus' was to keep an eye on our International students (as I was one once) and make sure they feel a bit more at home. I took care of our Twitter, made posts on our website as well as shared them on our Facebook page as well. The other main focus was going to high schools/school events in other countries to promote our curriculum.

    April 2015 - July 2015

    Level Prepper

    Conatus Creative

    Helping put together levels for Rivercity Ransom: Underground. I contacted the team again to try and help out where I can (after work project ;) ) and was put on helping to get the levels prepped and ready to be played.

    This isn't so much a design job as the art is made, I just have to get it into the game and make it playable (all assets are based upon the final level artwork by the Lead Artist.

    Feb. 2014 - June 2014

    Intern Technical Artist
    Tool Developer

    Conatus Creative

    Internship for Conatus Creative working on Rivercity Ransom: Underground. My main focus was on building/fixing tools to help take strain off the coders and try to put more power in the hands of the artists. I worked mainly in WPF but also jumped into the game code base a few times to help out.


    2010 - 2014

    Bachelor of Digital Arts and Entertainment

    Major of Game Development

    The Digital Arts and Entertainment Bachelor Degree in Kortrijk, Belgium. In this degree I had a focus on Game Development (programming in C#/C++ and several frameworks) and 3D modeling (high and low poly + baking of maps like Normals/ID Maps etc.) and texturing (at the time only in Photoshop, but I have since added Substance Designer and Painter to my arsenal)

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